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If you are an indie-author who writes either children’s, middle grade, young adult, new adult, or adult books (please note, we are not featuring erotica books at this time), and would like more information on being featured on the Indie-Visible blog, please fill out and submit the information below. Guest bloggers are also welcome to submit. Thank you!

Here’s how you can be featured on our site:

Here are the features that Indie-Visible will be rolling out with. Please click the buttons for the ones you are interested in below (you don’t have to do anything if you are not interested in a particular feature), and one of our IV bloggers will be in touch with you with more information on how to participate and have your post featured on the IV blog. Thank you for your time!

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Writing Nook

We want to see where you write. Snap us a picture of your desk, your couch, your favorite table at Starbucks, however it looks when you write we want to see it, even if it means a wall of post its or five cups of coffee on the table. Do you have a writing mascot? Let us know about him or her. Don’t want to take pictures? Send in a narrated video. If you can provide us a write up of these features that make it your spot, that would be awesome too.

Fictional Foodies

This fun contest column is for authors who incorporate food into their books. We would love to share a real recipe of one of the foods in your book on the IV blog. The plan is to have blog readers make your recipe. They would then pin the result onto our IV Pinterest or Facebook page, and you would pick the winner and give them a prize of your choosing and supplying (signed book, gifted ecopy, swag pack, $5 Amazon card, etc.).


We want to see your bookshelves. What are you currently reading? What are your favorites? Take a picture or go big and go with a video!

Inspiration Strikes

Snap a photo of where inspiration for your book struck you. Do we really get all of our best ideas in the shower? We shall see.

Search Bar History

We are looking for the list of the weird things you’ve looked up as you’ve researched things for a story, and of course we want to know what #books these were for too.

Overcoming Obstacles: One Star Edition

Let’s face it, all books get them, and sometimes it hurts and gets you down. How do you move beyond them? If you want to, without calling out the reviewer, record yourself reading a one star review, then talk about how you moved beyond it or give advice to the new author who might feel like quitting after that first one star. If a video isn’t your thing, write about it. If you don’t want to read a specific review, you can choose a snippet, or send in a video that acknowledges that you get one star reviews and life goes on. This is not so much about the review, it’s about the empowerment that comes after you move beyond it.

Why I Went Indie

Tell us about yourself, your writing, and your decision to go indie publishing.

Character Pen Pals/Text Buddies

Would you like one of your characters to meet someone from another author’s book? We pair characters up by book genre and audience age and you and the other author exhange a series of short letters or texts about what’s going on in your character’s lives.


If you have an idea for an IV BookHub or PubHub column, or would like to be featured as a Guest Blogger, get in touch!

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