Our Team

Our Team

League Founders

Chelsea Starling

When she’s not tending to her pegasus farm, Chelsea Starling wields her sword of creation to breathe life into Indies all around the world. Appointed with the supreme power of manifestation at the tender age of eight, her words paint stories of magical realms while her visions shape the future. She is dedicated, not only to the preservation of orphaned dragons, but to those Indie authors drifting amongst the vast sea of doubt and confusion. She is and always will be a force of nature – shifting the winds of change and shining her star as a beacon of light to all magical creatures.

Christina Mercer

Whether she’s spinning magical stories or golden honey, Christina is all abuzz in the foothills of Northern California. She wears the wings of a worker bee and of a queen, crunching numbers in one office and creating treasures in another. Tea puts the zz in her buzz, and she’ll weave you tales of mythical enchantments and sweet honeyed love.

Crystal Bryant

Evil computer genius by day, super editor by night, Crystal wields the Pink and Purple Pens of Pickiness with zeal. She currently resides in her not-so-secret hideout in Costa Rica, where her plans to explode the literary world (in a good way… not as in a nuclear way…) are proceeding as planned.

Beth Isaacs

Chief Marketing Officer by day, Beth spends her hours helping struggling authors battle the ever oppressive evils of social networking. Writer by night, she unleashes her alter ego and brings new stories to life. Traversing between the two realms of traditional and indie publishing isn’t always easy. But a shift in the industry has altered the publishing cosmos, causing both worlds to careen toward the small lunar planet that is her indie-visible home.

League Members


Victoria Faye

Jaqueline of all design trades and diy junkie extraordinaire, Victoria Faye calls upon the many muses of creativity to design graphics for any need imaginable. Victoria fights for visual integrity, stunning design and compelling art for authors far and near. Her secret weapon? Storytelling. A skill she uses in all artistic endeavors to strike down naysayers of indie publishing everywhere.

Maria Pease

Maria Pease lives in a secret lair full of old things, cats, ice cream, and books. Traditionally donning a green cape and mask, she switches it up for paisley ones when she writes for her book blog, the Paisley Reader. Having vanquished errors in student writing as a term-paper editor in college, she wields a now-virtual red pen slaying grammatical beasts in indie writing. To round out the wordsmith triad, she is 50K words into her New Adult SciFi debut novel, which she hopes to have published by June 2015. With a degree in Museum Studies, Maria’s day job takes her into the realm of museums where she uses her powers to make objects come to life.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Jordan wrangles words in both day job and creative life. By day she tames the tales of other writers as an editor and teacher, pens freelance articles and essays, and by night, when the household is at rest, she dons her cape and enters the dark undercurrents of people’s lives, channeling stories of suspense and mystery, prying open hidden secrets and exposing her characters to danger, only to rescue them at the last minute, but not before they are transformed and changed from their journey.

Regina Wamba

Undaunted and fearless, Regina’s secret weapon is her camera, and she wields it well. Hidden in the lush green landscapes of Minnesota, she crafts and conjures creativity, extraordinary book covers, and breathtaking photography with ease.  With a heart of gold and an innate skill to tame models in the wild, (on land and underwater) Regina captures stories on celluloid and unleashes their magical bookish form.

James Matlack Raney

When the headphones go on and the laptop opens up, mild-mannered James Raney becomes a conjurer of adventure, a summoner of the fantastic, and a wielder of words. He forever continues his quest to free young readers from the scourge of boredom and set them free on the pathways of imagination.

Kristen Day

Moonlighting as a sea-goddess-in-training, Kristen Day spends her waking hours suppressing the battle of good vs. evil waging within the recesses of her mind: a place where fictional characters roam free and the winds of suspense blow shards of upheaval through a dense forest of happily-ever-afters.  Her passion for creative excellence and Indie empowerment is fueled by an undeniable love for the written word and an infinite river of Red Bull.

David Berger

English classroom by day, an explorer of language and literature, David Berger spends his off time among the Muses of Mount Parnassus, weaving his mythological tales of modern-day heroes touched by the Olympian gods, eager to bring his readers to another world where they explore the magic of the ancients in the hands of mortals.

Eva Pohler

Conjurer of gods, goddesses, and other mythological beings, Eva Pohler bunkers down in a secret lair known by some as The Living Room, and, fueled by a special elixir called Diet Coke, battles boredom and brain funk with a highly specialized weapon known as The Keyboard. With a superpower classified as Imagination, she brings the ancient gods of Mount Olympus to life in modern times.

Teal Haviland

Like her sidekick the wolf (ahem, husky), Teal is fiercely protective and dangerous, particularly if you endanger her child, her friends, her writing time, or her coffee. After years of darkness suppressing her powers, she has emerged and rediscovered the magic of her self, and finds it inconvenient that there are more ideas in her head than hours in the day. She is accepting minion applications.